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Re: Microsoft Intellimouse

      I just got debian linux up, got everything configured (including X),
   but I have one problem.  I have a microsoft intellimouse which has a
   PS/2 connector.  When I run xf86config and pick microsoft intellimouse
   from the list, my mouse immediately goes to the top left corner when I
   run X, but if I pick PS/2 from the list, my mouse works fine.
   Unfortunately, that means I don't get the use of the roller/third
   button.  Anyone know how I can get my intellimouse working?  In case
   this helps, I use /dev/psaux as the mouse device.  That works with both
   X and gpm.

To get the extra button working on my Intellimouse, I had to plug it
into the serial port with the adapter supplied with the mouse; then
select Intellimouse and it should work fine.

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