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Re: Help installing NT and Linux

> So what I did was make the drive which NT needs to go on, the primary
> master.  I installed NT and it works fine, if that drive is the master.  I
> need the Linux drive to be the master because I don't want to reinstall
> Linux or let NT win this battle :)

I don't know about loosing battles but why can't you keep Linux on the
slave drive? You wouldn't have to reinstall it. Just edit /etc/fstab and
change /dev/hda on /dev/hdb. You can install Lilo on the root partition
(with just one option- linux) and follow the instructions in
NT+Linux HOWTO how to make NT boot loader to boot linux. You may even make
it the default OS to boot. I have a similar setup with no problems.

Alex Y.
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