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Re: SGML-Tools

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998 shaul@rakefet.debian.org wrote:

> Am I using it in a wrong manner or is there a bug:
> $ sgml2latex -a example.sgml 
> SGML-Tools driver version 0.99.7

Hmmm.  It works for me using this syntax.  Here are some considerations:

No filenames have changed accidentally?  (No ~'s or spaces or case
changes, or "sgm" instead of "sgml"?

Are you running the command from the same directory where the sgml file

Have you tried it with the linuxdoc pkg (earlier than the sgml-tools pkg)?
Or if you upgraded, perhaps you have a version mismatch (I'm still using
Linuxdoc, so I can't be surethis would be a problem).

Is this your "example" or the standard example created long ago by Matt
Welsh?  (If it's yours, is it a valid SGML file?  Does nsgmls parse it?)

Did you verify your LaTeX2e installation?  (Is it all there?  Any relevant
release notes?)

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