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I've loaded kernel-source-2.0.32-3 and kernel-package 3.28 from
Cheap*Bytes' Debian 1.3.1 (Update) CD and run make-kpkg buildpackage. 
This failed, not finding pgp, but AFAICS all the kernel*.deb objects are
now in /usr/src.  When I dpkg -i
/usr/src/kernel-image-2.0.32_1.00_i386.deb, however, I appears to be
successful, but ls -l / still shows the old kernel in place.  What am I
doing wrong?

BTW, those of us who are content to stick with bo for a while longer
are, IMHO, well served with one of the CD distributions that are
available at such reasonable prices.  My frustration level is way down
now that I'm unchained from my 33.6Kb modem.  Thanks to all concerned
and especially to Manoj for the kernel-package package.
Ralph Winslow		      rjw@nac.net
Mary bought a pair of skates
upon the ice to frisk
now wasn't that a crazy way
her sweet young *?

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