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Re: Setting up Anon FTP?

Hi again,

> a chroot'd file system.  Heck, a chroot'd process won't even see
> /lib/ld.so, right?  So, do we need to copy /lib/ld.so, /etc/ld.so.*,
> and a bunch of other stuff to the ~ftp area?

As I e-mailed earlier, running ldd on /bin/ls (i.e: ldd /bin/ls) should
give you the names of all the shared libraries to which ls is linked.
Just copy those libraries to there corresponding ~ftp directories.  I had
this library problem when I set up my first anonymous ftp server, however
I always got errors complaining about the loader being unable to find some
shared libraries.  When I copied the libraries listed in the ldd output to
their corresponding ~ftp/lib and ~ftp/usr/lib directories it stopped

I've never tried a Linux anonymous ftp server.  Our Solaris servers needed
the following devices before we got any output from ls:

~ftp/dev/:    tcp         ticlts      ticotsord   udp         zero

The only similar character device that Debian seems to have /dev/zero.
Perhaps creating /dev/zero in the ~ftp/dev directory will help.  I
really don't think that Linux needs any such devices but if you're in
the mood to experiment, try the following:

spaz> ls -l /dev/zero
crw-rw-rw-   1 root     sys        1,   5 Oct 12 14:38 /dev/zero

.....notice the 1 and the 5, make sure you use the numbers that are on
your /dev/zero, then:

spaz> mknod ~ftp/dev/zero c 1 5
spaz> chmod 666 ~ftp/dev/zero

This should create a character device called "zero" with major 1 and minor
5, in my case, in ~ftp/dev.  Don't try to copy the device.  You have to
create it using mknod.  Again, I don't know if Linux systems need this.
The Debian wu-ftpd package doesn't seem to need any such device based on
the way dpkg installed wu-ftpd on my Debian system.  On the non-Linux
systems I have installed anonymous ftp servers, I just used the system ftp
daemon or the OPIE one time password ftp daemon (BSD derived).

I don't know what else to tell you.  Of course, I'll try to be of help if
I can.


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