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Re: How can I create new dpkg status file?

Patrick Ouellette <pouellet@eng.utoledo.edu> writes:

> My status file got clobbered (ok, it was removed from /var while I was
> looking for more space to work in).  Is there any way to get dpkg to
> look at my system and update the installed packages list based on what
> is actually on the system?

Your statusfile is very important.

Therefore you have some backups:

# ls /var/lib/dpkg
alternatives/          methlock               status.yesterday.2.gz
available              methods/               status.yesterday.3.gz
available-old          predep-package         status.yesterday.4.gz
cmethopt               status                 status.yesterday.5.gz
diversions             status-old             status.yesterday.6.gz
diversions-old         status.bak             updates/
info/                  status.yesterday.0     
lock                   status.yesterday.1.gz          

One of these still there?


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