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Re: Home dir Permissions

On 12 Feb 1998, William R. Ward wrote:

> One comment about permissions: Web files do *NOT* have to be world
> readable.  They just have to be readable by the web server.  If you
> set up a user and group for your web server (I use www for both) you
> can get by with just having the files be group-readable by the
> webserver's group (and not all the other users on the system).

I missed the beginning of this thread, but why forbid local users from
viewing files that you let any user outside of your system view?  Most
people I know concerned with security in their directories remove the read
permissions on directories so anyone can get to the file, but only if they
know the name.  Note, this isn't a high level of security, just another
thing to do.  I don't see any reason to add users to more groups.


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