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Re: Nis refusing logins

Pedro Quaresma de Almeida <pedro@mat.uc.pt> writes:
> I have instaled  nis_3.1.deb (with libc6) but I am having problems
> with the non-local users.
> I have the following entry in /etc/passwd
>   +piupiu:*:0:0::/home/merlin/msky:/bin/bash
> but when the user piupiu try to login
>   Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 hilbert.mat.uc.pt
>   hilbert login: piupiu
>   Password: 
>   Login incorrect
> What is the problem (and the solution)?
> I have set the ypdomain correctly, ypwhich finds the correct machine,
> ypcat passwd | grep piupiu finds the correct user, but...

The entry in your /etc/passwd is overriding the yp entry.  Your
/etc/passwd '+' entry should not have the user information, just
"+::0:0:::" - then all users in the passwd map will be included.

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