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Re: Ghostscript

On 12 Feb 1998, Jens Ritter wrote:

> guardian@tampabay.rr.com (Robert LaGrasse) writes:
> > I've installed ghostscript from the debian 1.3.1 cd and the stuff that
> > relates to it as well. In going through some of the doc, I discovered I
> > should have a few mak files, devs.mak for example. These files are nowhere
> > to be found. Anyone know where I can locate them. I'm trying to setup a
> > couple of printers, an old HP laserjet plus and a Canon BJC-620.
> > 
> > Also, how can I figure out which files contain the driver information for my
> > printers? 
> If you install lpr and magicfilter you should not have to bother with
> this.

Are there any plans to upgrade magicfilter to include all of the printer
drivers supported in gs?  I was able to edit a few files to change
drivers, but still haven't figured out how to configure magicfilter for
the uniprint driver.


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