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zip disks Re: PPP problems still

David Wright <D.Wright@open.ac.uk> writes:

> > I would also like to
> > know if anyone knows how to compress an Iomega Zip-Disk in linux, as I
> > would like to utilize my zip's for backing up files.
> A zip disk is just another disk in linux. I personally use zip (infozip) 
> in preference to tar/gzip but that's partly familiarity. I also leave the 
> zipdisks as DOS so I can restore files to, say, my wife's Windoze laptop.
> The zipfilenames are 8.3, but that doesn't affect what's inside them.

If you manage to mount the disk as vfat, you get Win95 long filenames
so that, for example, "samba_1.9.18p2-1.deb" is in a more usable form.

Or even something like backup-incr-19980201-19980212.tar.gz.

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