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Re: samba/win95

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998, Antonio Doldo wrote:

> At 22.42 07/02/98 -0500, Paul Miller wrote:
> >When I set samba to USER mode, it doesn't accept passwords from windows
> >machines.. It works from linux machines..  I'm using encrypted password
> >and the lastest samba release.
> >
> I believe that the problem is simply in the login in win95 network
> (netbeui, ipx/spx,
> TCP/IP) because the line 'security=user' in the smb.conf presume
> that the account on the server samba must be identical on both machines.

I don't think the protocol changes in the security setting is changed.  My
Linux box currently doesn't even support ipx.. and I don't know about

> perhaps there is another possibility: you can use the username.map
> in the samba config

What is username.map?  Is it where samba checks the password against a
list of valid users?  That doesn't sound too secure.


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