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Re: Using mgetty automated callback, and \q

David Wright <D.Wright@open.ac.uk> writes:

> On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, Tim Sailer wrote:
> > Take out the trailing \q.. that turns the echo back on.
> I see. Yes, I think I need the second \q before the ata to resume logging 
> real strings.
> However, using just a single \q suppresses the first occurrence but not 
> the second, viz.
> Feb  6 18:08:30 here chat[960]: there!login: -- got it 
> Feb  6 18:08:30 here chat[960]: send (??????) 
> Feb  6 18:08:30 here chat[960]: expect (RING) 
> Feb  6 18:08:30 here chat[960]:  magic-login-id^M 
> Feb  6 18:08:30 here chat[960]: ^M

A \q will only supress anything that chat _sends_ - the second
occurrence of magic-login-id happens because chat is seeing
magic-login-id as the remote machine is sending it back; note the
preceding space - that space is the space the remote machine sends
immediately after sending "login:" - chat is just echoing to the logs
what it's getting from the remote machine.  I don't think that there's 
anything you can do about that, short of modifying pon to call chat
without the "-v" option, which is probably not advisable.  If there's
something you want kept out of the logs, the other machine shouldn't
be echoing it back at you.

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