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Re: Module Problem ? (was: Re: help with SB AWE 64 !)

> Yes, this is really bad. It shouldn't be this way. I'm at a loss here,
> sorry. Anybody else?
> Please, if you find a solution, mail it to me. It seems to be a module
> problem, although I can't see what is wrong...


I solved the problem. There were several issues here.
First (bonehead one) is that I am not accostomed to work in XDM'ed
evironment with xconsole running - that is the reason I didn't see the
messages while inserting the module :)

As for real reasons to fail, there were two:
I had to use newer isapnptools 1.9 is NOT got. 
I don't know about 1.10, 1.11 work. 
And another problem is with patch - the one in "bo" is no good at all,
patch 2.5 from bo-unstable is no good either: -d option doesn't work,
I had to change install.sh from awedrv in the following way:
all lines in the form
patch -d $dir < bla.diff  
cat bla.diff | (cd $dir ; patch -p0)
This way it patches OK and everything works. (In the second scenario).

The first one I also fixed: with newer OSS driver (3.8s).

The problem was that I had to do "rm -rf linux/drivers/sound" first,
then untar the oss3.8s, then patch with newer awedrv (with install.sh
changed in the already described way). Another trick here is that
during "make *config" I shouldn't say "YES" to the "OSS wavetable engine".


Alex Y.

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