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Re: XFREE86 ?

Robert Ayotte <robert_ayotte@src.ca> writes:
RA> Now, I want to install X Windows.
RA> When using Dselect, I can't seem to find the XFREE86 package.

xf86 is huge enough that Debian has broken it up into several
packages.  Most of these live in the x11 section.  You at least need
the "xbase" and "xfntbase" packages and an X server
(i.e. xserver-vga16).  I'd also recomment "xcontrib", "xfnt75" (or
"xfnt100") and "xfntscl" as a bare minimum, plus Your Favorite Window
Manager (TM).  If you like twm, that's in xbase, but most of the other 
window managers have their own Debian packages.

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