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JPython license: Free software?


I'm curious as to people's opinions on the license for the JPython
package.  It's a Python->Java bytecode compiler; the full text of
the license is available at:


Does this qualify as free software (under the terms of the Debian
Social Contract)?  If not, what modifications would be necessary
for it to qualify as free software?

Two clauses seem like possible problems to me:

Section 3 clause (ii):

The user agrees "(ii) not to introduce any modifications known to be
harmful, or where there is reason to believe they will be harmful, to
other users and their systems"

Section 5:
"5. Licensee agrees to share with CNRI any bug fixes, patches, ports
to other platforms, minor corrections and the like made by Licensee to
the Software. Licensee hereby agrees and acknowledges that any such
changes shall be deemed free of any claims under copyright, patent or
other rights or interests and that CNRI may reproduce, disseminate and
otherwise use the changes as part of its Software at no cost to CNRI or
its licensed users. CNRI may, at its sole discretion, decide whether or
not to incorporate any such changes in the Software."

Thanks for your input.  If it's convenient, CC'd responses would be
greatly appreciated (I'm not subscribed, but I read the archives on
the web; non-CC'd responses will be read eventually).

(Yes, that's a z)

rage, rage against the dying of the light

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