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Two semi-simple questions...


Where is the setting which inhibits the addition of the equivalent of
'uname -a' at the start of /etc/motd ?? I have found it before... now I

Secondly, trying to start squake as a non-root user, Svgalib gives the error:
Cannot get I/O Permissions.  any ideas?? It only happens with squake.

Thanks to any help regarding my svgalib question a while back, I solved the
problem... got a new Video card. the old ET4000 is only good for some
things.. namely winbloat95 :)

                       Michael Beattie (mickyb@es.co.nz)

          WinErr: 00D Keyboard locked - Try anything you can think of.
                Debian GNU/Linux....  Ooohh You are missing out!

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