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Re: Sending email(smail)

On 4 Feb 1998, Ben Pfaff wrote:

>    I would like to have email that I send when offline be queued for later
>    deliver when I connect.  How can I do this?
> When mail is sent when you're offline, the mail daemon queues it,
> because it can't connect to the remote host.  It retries every so
> often for a few days, then gives up.  The easiest thing to do is to
> just let the daemon queue it, and then, when you're online, run the
> `runq' command to have it attempt delivery immediately.
> Of course there are other solutions but this is the simplest.  If you
> use diald it won't work of course.  Maybe the diald filters can be
> configured to not bring the connection up for packets sent to the smtp
> port?

Sorry, but it doesn't.  I use Pine, with the smtp host as localhost.  Pine
comes back as saying it can't be delivered.  I believe this is because smail
is trying to resolve with dns, can't, and gives up.

Any other suggestions?


ps:  I had been using windows for email, but just recently converted to
fetchmail/procmail and unix/pine.

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