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LCP, IPCP, and ppp

	I am having trouble getting connected to the local ISP with 
ppp.  I have read all I could find including the mail archives, RFCs,
and the how-tos.  I tried calling my ISP to figure out what pppd they
are running and they couldn't tell me, although the guy realized he had a 
Sun Ultra on his desk (so perhaps Sun pppd). I was wondering if anyone has
any insight into the following problem which involves the LCP and IPCP:
	The negotiation begins with several LCP ConfReqs. by both sides.
Eventually my box agrees and sends a ConfAck.  However, I rarely receive
a ConfAck from the ISP even though I've ConfReq'ed the same options that
I've ConfAck'ed.  Eventually after sending more unanswered ConfReqs. my
box closes the connection.  On occasion (less than 10% of the time) I will
get a ConfAck from the ISP and my box sends a IPCP ConfReq. but never
hears from the ISP.  After sending several more IPCP ConfReqs. with no
response from the ISP, my box closes the connection.
	Does anyone have any idea why I am not receiving those responses?
I have altered the timeout controls to avoid timeouts, but that didn't
solve anything.  I have also disable the lcp-echo feature.  Could this be
related to the pppd running at the ISP?

Thanks for the help.

Ramsay Key

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