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Re: LPRng and Magicfilter


According to the Printing How-To, the input filter (if=some filter) is
not run for remote printers.  There is an example in the How-To for
setting up a double print queue to solve the problem.  I can provide my
printcap if needed.  I print to a HP deskjet on an NT4.0 system using

tony mollica

Jeffrey Velez wrote:
> I'm trying to print to a Novell 4.11 HP Laserjet 4 printer using a
> JetDirect Box using LPRng and Magicfilter.  I can print to it, but it
> prints out like this:
>                 THIS IS A TEST
>                                 THIS IS A TEST
> My printcap file looks like this:
> rlp|Remote HP LaserJet 4 printer entry
>         :lp=/dev/lp1
>         :rm=
>         :rp=PQ_MNS_HELPDESK_DPG_4
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/ljet4
>         :if=/usr/sbin/ljet4-filter
>         :pl#66
>         :pw#80
>         :pc#150
>         :mx#0
>         :sh
> Can anyone tell me if this printcap file is ok?

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