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Re: HELP: pgp doesn't clearsign messages

>>"ranty" == ranty  <ranty@soon.com> writes:

ranty> I have a problem, when I tell pgp to "pgp -as +clearsig=on
ranty> filename" it does exactly the same as "pgp -as +clearsig=off
ranty> filename" I get something which is unredable without pgp.

	I confirm your error, and am hereby submitting a bug report. 

ranty> I know some time in the past it worked, put I haven't upgraded
ranty> pgp and I didn't change the configuration as far as I remember.

	This is the latest version I can find, so it is not an upgrade

ranty> Anybody, please, somethink to try with... I am desperate.

	Try pgp -sta Filename; that works.

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