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No setup signature found?

Hi all. first post to the list...

I have two questions.
Last night I installed the bulk of the software (found on the boot disc
distribution of debian) and bascially configured XFree86. I believe I set it
to load on boot, but I'm not sure if that's important. When I rebooted, from
the hard disk (which is running LILO to auto load LINUX) 
I get this message:
No setup signature found...
and it just hangs. What is that? And why? When I reboot with the linux boot
floppy, it all loads just fine.

When I try to run xdm to startup X, the screen blinks (ever so slowly) over
and over and doesn't seem to load X. I can see my prompt during the blinking
and I can type commands (one or two strokes at a time), so I did a ps to see
what was running and I got a list of UIDs which included the ps and bash, but
also had four UIDs involving /sbin/getty
When I kill each of those four processes and ps again, there are four more but
with higher UID (ie first they were like in the 100's then the 200's then the
300's ...). I was in a rush to get to work this morn so I didn't think to
write down EXACTLY what was wrong.
Any ideas?

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