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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi, Michael,

Michael Beattie wrote:
> >       I was able to set up Boot Manager such that when I showed the partition
> > table, the fat15 partition was listed as drive c:, even when I was
> > running Partition Magic out of the fat32/Win95 partition!! Very curious!
> > ;)  And when I boot up with a diskette, and switched to drive c:, I
> > could tell by the size of the partition that I was looking at the fat16
> > partition. I ran sys c: and sure enough, the operating system showed up
> > in that fat16 partition and it didn't overwrite the Win95/Fat32
> > partition files, because that partition was "hidden" to it at the time.
> I think I read somewhere that DOS/Windows has a habit of making the Boot
> partition look like C: So when you boot Win95 it is on C: and Win3.11 on D:,
> then booting win3.11 swaps this... I cant remember where I read it or I'd
> tell you :)
In the case where Partition Magic is in the mix, the boot partition is
the one where PM is by itself (a small partition) and then it activates
the partition you select to boot. If you select Win95, then that
partition becomes the c: partition and the next partition (in my case,
the msdos partition where I want to put Win 3.1) becomes d: and the
linux partition is of questionable status, probably UNKNOWN as far as
either Win 95 or 3.1 is concerned.

> IMHO I think LILO is a perfectly good boot manager... If it is set up
> right... I have absolutely stuffed a win95 partition with it before..
> But then again, what operating systems can LILO boot??? I only have
> DOS/Win95 and Linux.

Sounds as if you're suggesting using LILO as my overall boot manager
rather than the Boot Manager that can be installed by Partition Magic?

> > One suggestion has been to use Partition Magic to "move" the Win95
> > partition up enough to make room for these boot records down at the
> > bottom of the drive. Pretty scary that: moving the Win95 partition with
> > all its contents and hoping that everything will still work. Comments?
> Partition Magic does a good, no excellent job.. I had no problems
> whatsoever.

Even moving a Win 95 installation in a FAT32 partition?


PS. Again apologies to the 100%pure linux group for this off-topic
discussion, but I would hope that we can clarify the issues involved so
that others coming from the Win environment to linux, or those
considering such a move would be as confident as possible of success.
And the appropriate procedures can be identified to back out of any
errors that occur.
--David E. Scott      Ohio Administrative Services
DaveScott@1000islands.com       acq_scott@ohio.gov

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