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I'm trying to install GNOME (from the source distribution, I'd like to
work on it).  However, obviously I need to install the gtk library, so I
went to my local Debian FTP site to retrieve the gtk library as a debian
binary package.  However, libgtk requires xlib6g (amongst other things).

I then retrieved the xlib6g_3.3.1-2.deb binary package, and attempted to
install it.  dpkg then informed me that 

  xlib6g conflicts with xlib6 (<< 3.3-5)
  xlib6 (version 3.3-4) is installed.

I therefore went back to my local Debian site to locate version 3.3-5 or
large of xlib6.  I can't locate it anywhere!

Does such a package exist, and if not, what do I do now??  

Robert Merkel
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