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Email quest

Dear Nick,
Read your reply to Daniel Mashao and it was very 
I too am setting up a e-mail server and have the
following question?
To have a smtp mail server set up on the linux
machine do i need a name server which is authorative
my sub-domain or will a caching only server be good
enough to perform the function?
In fact is it at all necessary to have dns on my server
when the isp has a nameserver of their own?
Look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

---Nick Busigin <nick@xwing.xwing.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Daniel Mashao wrote:
> > Does anybody have an idea of how to best set-up
an offline email system? I
> > cannot find suitable information from the man
pages etc.
> Setting up email on a UNIX system can be a
challenge as it involves
> configuring a number of different programs to
co-operate with one another.
> While this may be a bit of work, it provides a
great deal of flexibility.
> > What I want is the system that I can 'send' email
while my machine is
> > off-line and then sometime later when I use a ppp
connection, my system
> > will then send the email outside. I have tried
both smail and sendmail
> > unfortunately they just write error messages
about the email address not
> > being reachable etc.
> > 
> > I can use netscape but I have several users on my
machine and it would not
> > be economical to let each person connect
separately or for too long.
> You may want to consider using uucp as a mail
transport system between you
> and your Internet provider.  It requires a little
more setup at your end
> and at the end of your Internet Provider, but it
has a number of
> advantages: 
> 1)  You can have as many mail user-ids as you want
on your system and you
>     don't have to ask your Internet provider to do
anything to add/delete
>     mail accounts as you are in charge of this
> 2)  Mail transfers between your system and your
Internet Provider's system
>     are automated.  (I have my system check every
15 minutes to see if 
>     there is any outgoing email.  If there is, it
establishes a uucp
>     connection and exchanges email with my Internet
Provider.  Otherwise,
>     it polls my Internet Provider on an hourly
basis to see if there is
>     any incoming email).  The connections and
transfers are quite short
>     and efficient.
> 3)  You can set up mailing list software such as
majordomo or smart list
>     on your Linux box and have it work well with
this type of setup.
>     This is possible, because you are the one
assigning mail user-ids
>     instead of your Internet Provider.  Your
Internet Provider just 
>     forwards all email that is identified as going
to your machine.
> There are a number of documents/books that you may
find useful:
> a) Sendmail+UUCP mini-HOWTO
> b) The "bat book" by Eric Allan (it's the O'Reilly
Sendmail book
>    with a bat on the front cover).  
> c) Taylor uucp documentation.   The doc's that come
with Taylor's
>    uucp are really very good.  I believe they are
in info format.
> d) O'Reilly's uucp book is also quite good.
> e) The BSDi web site had a good document on the
nuts and bolts of
>    setting this up from an Internet Provider's
standpoint.  The
>    URL for this used to be:
>    but it may have changed, as last time I looked
at it was back in
>    July/97.
> Finally, if you want, I can send you some notes and
example uucp and
> sendmail configuration files to use as a starting
point.  (I've helped a
> few people do this before and kept a copy of the
stuff I sent them.)
> Best regards,
>                                 Nick
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