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extremely off-topic: help

i know this is off-topic for this list, but i'm sure that there are people
here who have been in the same situation. 

i (foolishly) agreed to re-build a win95 system from scratch for a friend. 
this process is annoying the hell out of me because you have to hunt all
over the damn net to find the damn CDROM drivers which Microsoft don't
bother to include on the OEM install disk (yes, i am building this with
legit disks - they came with the system when it was bought). 

anyway, for this and for other reasons i want to replace the startup
screen with something a little more interesting.  i remember seeing one
about a year or so ago on some anti-MS web site which was the same clouds
and w95 logo but with flames and smoke trailing it plus the words "crash
and burn".  this seems to be a very appropriate startup screen to me. 

anyway, what i want to know is where can i get this graphic as a startup
file.  i've found a jpeg of it, but i don't know what tools to use to
convert it to whatever bitmap format the startup screen is.  clues would
be appreciated. 



ps: once this machine is built and my friend gets another disk she wants
me to make it dual boot debian.  she likes the look of afterstep, and
enlightenment just blows her away :-).  you can't do THAT on a 'doze box. 

craig sanders

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