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Netscape communicator helper applications and bash

I have Apache (from the debian distribution 1.3) running on a Toshiba 530CDT
notebook running Linux 2.0.30 (debian 1.3).
I also have Netscape communicator 4.04 on the same machine.
When I configure edit preferences navigator applications to use acroread to
open URLs pointing to pdf files as follows:

Description    Portable Document Format
MIME type       application/pdf
Suffixs             pdf
Application     /usr/bin/acroread %s

I get an error when I open URLs that point to pdf documents.

The error is in the shell command communicator tries to run with sh:

((/usr/bin/acroread /tmp/MOsomething.pdf); rm /tmp/MOsomething.pdf)&

where MOsomething.pdf is a temporary file in the /tmp directory.
The problem is the (mis)matching of the parentheses.
When run in an xterm window, I get the same error message.
Apparently, the problem is with bash (/bin/sh is a link to /bin/bash) which
complains about about the following syntax:

((echo A); echo B)

Interestingly, at work we use bash on both SGI and Sun workstations.
bash on Sun does have the same problem, while bash on SGI doesn't.

Is there a clean solution?


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