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Re: mailbox error

Kevin Ong <zerox@singnet.com.sg> writes:

> When i use popclient release 2.6b (2/7/96) to get mail from my isp mail
> server i got this " [inbox (file /var/spool/mail/root) is not in valid
> mailbox format] " when trying to run Pine to read the mail.

First, you should consider to use fetchmail, popclient's successor.

> Below is the example of the mail content msg
> vmlinuz# cat /var/spool/mail/root
> Return-Path: <root@vmlinuz.dyndns.com>

This is indeed not a valid format. In a mboxfile, a message starts with a
header like 
>From hermann.embacher@dlr.de Fri Nov 14 00:15:37 1997 

Notice the "From ". This indicates a new message. A message ends with a
blank line.
You deleted the mbox file, fetched mails with popclient, and popclient
again wrote the main in a wrong format?

Maybe you really should try fetchmail.


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