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Re: FTP through Firewall

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Cox wrote:

> I have debian running on an old computer.
> It has no CD.
> It is on a LAN
> I can manually ftp to debian through my firewall if I use anonymous@ftp.debian.org
> but I can not dselect.  When I try it does not get to the ftp server.

How do you ftp through the firewall?

If it works like the one that I have to use at work, then it goes like

	$ ftp ftp-proxy

	[welcome banner from ftp-proxyserver]

	login: anonymous@ftp.debian.org

	[welcome banner from ftp.debian.org]

	password: <my email address>

	ftp> cd debian

	ftp> dir


Then you can instruct dselect to use the ftp-proxyserver like this:

	ftp site: 	<your proxyserver>
	passive: 	no
	username: 	anonymous@ftp.debian.org
	password:	<your@email.address>
	distributions:	stable contrib non-free
	debiandir:	debian

This works fine for me.

Some notes:
- you must probably tell dselect to not use passive ftp, because that is
  the way most ftp-proxyservers work.
- if you are trying to get packages from unstable, then you can enter
  dists/unstable/main dists/unstable/contrib dists/unstable/non-free as
  distributions, but you need dpkg from unstable before this will work
  (the stable dselect won't dig the slashes.)
- don't be surprised when dselect wants to download 60 megabytes of .debs.
  You can choose to select packages that you want to download before
  dselect actually tries thyam all.



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