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Re: subscribe

Sten Anderson wrote:
> > Also.  Maybe this is a typo or something, but your /dev/hda2 and
> > /dev/hda5 seem to be ocupying the same area of the disk.
> That is not a typo. The extended partition _includes_ the logical
> partitions.

You got me there.  I had a damned brain cramp.

> Here is a print of my _working_ disk layout (from linux fdisk)
> /dev/hda1            1        1      261  2096451    6  DOS 16-bit >=32M
> /dev/hda2   *      262      262      524  2112547+   5  Extended
> /dev/hda5          262      262      270    72261   82  Linux swap
> /dev/hda6          271      271      524  2040223+  83  Linux native
> I have lilo in the bootsector of /dev/hda2 (an extended partition).
> > Not to mention
> > you are wanting to make an extended partion bootable *not* the linux
> > partition.
> That is the correct way to do it according to the Lilo manual. You
> cannot put lilo in the bootsector of a logical partion. In that case
> lilo must reside in the bootsector of the enclosing extended
> partition.

You're 100% right.  I would, however, assume it means a Linux extended
(type 85) partition not a DOS extended partition (type 5).

> > boot=/dev/hda is correct if lilo is in the boot sector not the
> > partition.
> You are mixing the concepts. /dev/hda is the MBR, not a bootsector.
> Lilo can reside in the MBR, but the Lilo manual warns against it.

Got me again.  I guess I wasn't awake when I wrote that.

Just a heads up, since I can't find the doc I read it in, that I read
someplace, long time ago, might not even apply any more, that it isn't a
good idea to make your root file system an extended partition.  I
assumed this refered to extended partitions not being bootable, but I'm
fuzzy on the subject.  Evidently fuzzy on a lot of things today.

I don't understand why anybody would want to put a *Linux* *primary*
partition inside a *DOS* *extended* partition anyway.  The idea sends me
some real negitive vibs.  Maybe totally unfounded.

If there's some advantage to this could somebody let me know what it
is?  I may find a need for a similar setup in the future.

BTW.  Putting lilo in the MBR isn't advised against, it just means you
have to restore the MBR if you ever uninstall lilo.

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