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device /dev/hdh does not exist....

I have just compiled into the kernel my cdrom and reading this the system
does in fact find it on boot.... (am i correct??) 

	hdh: probing with STATUS instead of ALTSTATUS
	hdh: MATSHITA CR-581, ATAPI CDROM drive

Now if i put a cd in the drive and try to mount it i get the following..

	Root [~]#>mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdh /cdrom
	mount: special device /dev/hdh does not exist 

I was told that i need a script to enable/create devices this high (is
this correct??) and if so where/what is it? 
I've been a debian user now for 2 year and have never successfully had a
cd-rom working on my system and would really like now. Any
help/suggestions here would be appreciated. Thanx.

PS If there is any info anyone needs to help me here please let me know
and i'll let you know.


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