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Re: Linux IPX configuration.

> > BUT slist reports
> > sometimes this
> > infinito# slist: Unknown code ____ 255 in ncp_initialize
> This usually occurs when ncpfs doesn't think IPX knows any routes,
> eg before the auto_primary stuff has taken effect, although it seems
> to have already from the proc files you've shown.
> Perhaps ncpfs doesn't support tr devices? There's no reason why it
> shouldn't, but maybe the support just hasn't been written. Contact
> the ncpfs author to find out for sure, or the appropriate mailing
> list if there is one.

I have two linux boxes on differents subnets. Both have similiar setup (I
don't have tr devices). One runs without problems. When I upgraded kernel
from 2.0.30 to 2.0.32 (on both) on second slist gives me incorrrect list - to
short - only 40 servers (this a magic number?). Only some count of answers
(below %10) gives me real list ~100 servers. 
I do test 1000*slist. I got
  23 answers with ~100 servers
   1 answer with 30 servers
   2 answers with: Unknown code ____ 255 in ncp_initialize
  1000-(23-1-2) answers with 40 servers

I mirror some files from one netware server (my script with ncpmount witch
was OK). Whith recent problems I have checked my script:
  %5 answers: Unknown code ____ 255 in ncp_initialize
  %93 answers: ncpmount: Server Unknown when trying to find CI-1
  %1 OK


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