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Re: X-win more effiecient than Win95?

Þann 14-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
>     Not true.  1) X MUST be operating to benchmark CDE, KDE, or Afterstep
> etc.  2)
> To acurately benchmark the performance of software 'whatever' you have to
> include
> the processes that are handled by X.  So you would have to benchmark the
> combnation X + window-manager  against Windows.  Besides that, Windows is
> more
> than just a wrapper that beautifys the border of the window and adds a menu. 
> It
> acts as an interface with the video adapter, keyboard, and mouse, as the
> Xserver
> does.
  No, Windows is not an interface... and it's a lot more than just a GUI, it's
an operating system as well (as of Win95, WinNT).

  And that's right, you need to compare X+Window manager, not just X which was
the issue.

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