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Partitioning problems

I've talked with several others on the usenet boards, and everyone is
clueless so far.  I was going to purchase the new version of debian
linux, except, my current version won't install.  I currently have
version v1.3 (with kernel v2.0.29), it was on the boot disc from boot
magazine's 15th issue.  The first time I installed it, cfdisk easily
created my partitions.  Then, for numerous reasons, I deleted Linux by
deleting the two partitions.  Orignially, when I installed it, I had
four partitions (a primary 2gb partition, two other extended 2gb
partitions, 1 extended 1gb partition, 750mb linux, and 250mb swap both
in extened, dos partitions were all fat16).  After I deleted the linux
partitions, I combined all three extended partitions together into one
6gb fat32 partition with partition magic 3.  Now, I currently have one
2gb primary partition, 1 5gb fat32 extended partition, and 1gb of free
space in the extended partition to install linux.  But, every time I
try, it says "FATAL ERROR:  Bad primary partition".  I never touched the
2gb primary partition, and it was always flagged bootable.  The extended
partition was changed around, but I don't see how that is a problem.  I
thought the fat 32 might have been a problem with the older version.
But, this wasn't the case because I used partition magic to recreate the
3 extended fat16 partitions, and cfdisk reported the same error.  I
can't do much in linux with it, because the only thing I can access are
the utilities on the linux rescue disk I use for installation, so it
basically has to be fixed in dos.  Please help me with this problem so
that I can continue to use Linux (or, if needed, I'll get the new ver).

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