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Re: Monitor Specs for Xfree86

Steve Mayer <smayer@rtd.com> wrote:
>  I believe that the dot clock setting is from the video adapter and not the
>Gregory Guthrie wrote:
>> Gateway informs me that my GW2000 Vivitron 17" monitor is
>>    Hscan = 30-64
>>    Vscan = 50-100
>>    dot-pitch = .26
>> but that they have never heard of dot-clock.
>> I haden't either.  :-)
>> I looked at some of the monitors pages at Xfree86, and they also don't list
>> this.
>> Any hints on what else to ask, or determine it?

You'll want to take a look at the XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO, url:


It explains all you ever wanted to know (and probably more) about how
the monitor and adapter work. The dot clock is indeed a function of
the adapter, by the way. It's the total number of pixels per second it
can write to the screen.

Good Luck,
Gary Hennigan

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