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Re: SEUL distribution?

George Bonser wrote:
> I think it might be a better idea to concentrate resources on the one
> currently available completely free Linux distribution and improve it
> rather than further fragment the community with yet another
> distribution.

Our goal is not to fragment the Linux community, but to join it together.
Our plans include working very closely with as many groups as we can.  We
do not want to simply write more software, we want to coordinate with
existing groups to get this project done as fast as possible.

We have been talking with several other groups, namely the slightly later
e-Linux and Linnet projects, discussing the possibility of a shared
underlying distribution.  If we can construct a single base distribution
quickly, and build our own tools, we both win.  More importantly, though,
*Linux* wins.

For more information, please see the SEUL FAQ, section 5.1.

> It would improve the quality of linux in general if we could work in
> concert.  There just are not enough developers for all the would-be
> project managers for any of them to produce a quality distribution.

I have been talking with Bruce Perens on this subject.  One way to do this
is to form a single core distribution, with the basic programs, utilities,
libraries, etc.  This would allow existing distributions to compete less
on the merits of which core distribution they're derived from (RedHat,
Debian, Slackware), and more on what really matters: the extra tools,
apps, and interfaces they provide.

I should be able to tell you more about this as soon as it's worked out.

A discussion of the merits of creating a SEUL distribution should be moved
to the seul-project list.  Please send further comments there.  For more
information about the list, and the project in general, please visit our
website: http://www.seul.org/


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