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new computer advice

I'm planning to get a new (multiprocessor) computer around the end of the
month, and was hoping for some advice from those of you with more knowledge
than myself.  I've checked the Hardware Compatibility HOWTO, and it appears
that everything I'm looking at is OK (with the exception of the video card
- haven't decided which one to substitute yet), if you know of problems or
things to watch for I'd REALLY be grateful for your advice.  I will (of
course) be running Debian as my primary OS.

Right now, it looks like Micron is where I'll be purchasing it from (though
that isn't absolutely certain).  Here's the main features of what I'm
currently planning on:

Dual 300MHz Pentium II
Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI controller
Dual 4GB ultra-wide SCSI HDs
Diamond Fire GL 1000 PCI video (this will probably change)
JAZ drive (internal)
US Robotics x2 modem (need to make sure it's not a winmodem)
3COM 3C905 Ethernet card
Logitec 3-Button mouse

If any of you have advice about this, I'd appreciate hearing it.  Thanx!

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