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Re: Help: System time lags CMOS time

Oz Dror <dror@mcione.com> writes:
> My system time lags after the CMOS time. They start as the same
> time, but then through the day the system time lags. By 12 hours it
> is about one hour behind.
> This started since I have added a new SCSI-UW disk, I have transfered the
> linux root to the new disk, the old EIDE is still the master boot.
> Does anyone have any idea why, and how it can be fixed.
> Do I need to recompile linux on the new hard disk.

Slave your system to a trusted Net host using 'netdate' and then set
your CMOS clock from that using 'hwclock'.  I have a cron job that
does this nightly; you may wish to run it every 3 or 4 hours.  It's
probably due to your SCSI card stealing interrupts that would
otherwise update the clock.  You might be able to configure your SCSI
host adapter to use less interrupts or get a bus mastering adapter.


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