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Re: Scanner

>>>>> "William" == William R Ward <hermit@BayView.COM> writes:

    William> I have a Tamarack (sp?) SCSI-based "TWAIN compliant"
    William> scanner and would like to use it under Linux.  Of course
    William> it only came with Windoze drivers... Is there (preferably
    William> Debianized) software for Linux that would talk to it?

TWAIN is a joke. All "TWAIN compliant" means is that it comes with
drivers for Windows.

Check out SANE -- there's a Debian package of it. It may support your
scanner (since it's a SCSI scanner, if your SCSI card recognizes it as
such, it's most likely supported in SANE.)

SANE can scan directly into GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program)
for touchups and saving into your favorite format!


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