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Re: telnet and ftp

> Robert Joseph Eckard <gt7900b@prism.gatech.edu> writes:
> > My inetd is not running, I am using xinetd and isn't running either.
> > How do I get it started and get it to start with each fresh boot?
> > 
> It should be automaticly. Check /etc/init.d/xinetd
> At the top, there are two line like:
> test -f /usr/sbin/portmap || exit 0
> test -f /usr/sbin/xinetd || exit 0    
> Check if you have portmap or rpc.portmap in /usr/sbin/ and change the line
> if it tests the wrong one. Later in the file there two other calls to the
> portmapper programm. Change these lines as well, if necessary.

I changed the xinet.d file to portmap even though it said rpc.portmap because there
wasn't one located anywhere within this box.  I then ran the two 'test' cases and
installed the portmap and xinetd.  but when I tried to telnet in from outside my
machine, this is the response I received:

telnet greyghost.gt.ed.net
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

thanks for the help, we'll get it soon enough   :)


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