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Re: Kernel Modules...

>     When I recompiled my kernel, I built alot of stuff into it (like PPP
> etc), that used to be in modules before. Now when I startup, I get lots
> of messages about not being able to find the old modules.  Is there any
> easy way to clean up / update the set of modules to be loaded at
> boot-time so it doesn't do this?

I had this happen when moduless that no longer existed were mentioned in
/etc/modules.  I think removing the references there should do the

On a related issue, I noticed that if I install a new revision of a
kernel via a kernel-package produce with kernel-package 3.03, I
sometimes get problems with incompatible modules.  This is usually
avoided if I remove /lib/modules/<kernel-version> before installing the
kernel-package with dpkg.

Eric Meijer

 E.L. Meijer (tgakem@chem.tue.nl)          | tel. office +31 40 2472189
 Eindhoven Univ. of Technology             | tel. lab.   +31 40 2475032
 Lab. for Catalysis and Inorg. Chem. (TAK) | tel. fax    +31 40 2455054

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