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Re: diskless workstation?

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Rob wrote:

> I have a spare 486 that I would like to utilise in some form for debian.
> Unfortunatly, it has no hard disc, although it does have a network card.
> The rest of the network consists of an NT4 server, two W95 workstations,
> and another debain (hamm) box, which currently talks to the others via
> basic TCP/IP services (ftp etc), and samba.
> Is there a simple way of creating a boot floppy that will get enough off
> the ground to load the rest of linux off one or other of the other systems
> (presumably the other debian box!)  or do I have to scrounge another hard
> disc..

Take a look at the nfsroot package. It is very outdated at the moment
(doesn't know about libc6), but once you have taken a good look at the
scripts you'll get the general idea and will be able to adopt them to your

The nfsroot package creates a very small root dir for the client. /bin,
/lib, /usr, /home etc. are mounted on top of it. For /etc is has a hack,
because the /etc directory should not be the same for all computers. The
same goes for /tmp and /var, but AFAIK the package does nothing with them
so you'll have to think of a way to handle them yourself.


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