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Re: Stupid Question: bridgeing/routing

George Bonser wrote:
> I *>think<* bridging is for bridging one type of traffic to another. FOr
> example, forwarding IPX traffic on one net to IP on another.
> On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Walter L. Preuninger II wrote:
> > I have a 486/66 8M with 4 ne2k clones in it. What does the bridging code
> > get me? Every machine on each of the subnets can see every other machine
> > right now with just the basic routing table? Is it a performance issue?

I am using the bridge package and the 2.0.31 kernel to make a 4 port
ethernet switch.  It keeps track of the MAC address of all the
ethernet cards on the network, and only repeats packets on the
required segment (segment where destination MAC address is),
allowing for more bandwidth. (Each card is connected to 2-3 12 port
10MBit Hubs).  

The setup is on a Pentium 133 with 3 3Com 595 PCI cards (10/100) and
1 3Com 509 ISA card (10Mbit), with 32MB RAM and a 500MB HDD.  None
of the interfaces are assigned an IP address, and the system load
level is always below 0.05. (no other services running on machine,
it is a dedicated switch).

I have not seen any bugs or performance problems in the system,
(~950 kByte/sec between segments), which has been running since
early July.  (There are approx. 100 clients on the network).

I have not tried it switching a 100Mbit to 3 10Mbit Cards, if
anybody has any experience with this, let me know. (To put the
servers on the 100Mbit segment)

Hope this information helps, It is a very cheap way for a switch (if
you have spare NICs and a very stripped down computer).


Troy Hanson
t r o y @ d a k o t a . n e t

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