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Re: Miscellaneous and security

Mario Fabiano <mario@Aurora.spaceworlds.org> writes:

> I have found some log files in /var/log that are readable by anybody.
> Maybe they are not particularly critical. I want anyway to change their
> permissions, for instance to 640, for the owners root.adm. Will be the
> permissions kept by the logrotate program?

If by 'the logrotate program' you mean the savelog script called from
/etc/cron.*/* files to move old logs to logfilename.0 and then
logfilename.1.gz, etc., then the answer is no - simply chmod'ing the
files won't be enough.  You need to modify the files in the
directories /etc/cron.daily/, /etc/cron.weekly/ and /etc/cron.monthly/ 
to make a permanent change - look for the line that calls savelog and
see what's given as the '-m' parameter.

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