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Re: gimp and libXm.so.2

On Wed, Dec 31, 1997 at 10:55:02PM -0500, Alex Yukhimets wrote:
> > ?? I thought that lesstif was supposed to do the same things Motif does.
> > Could I make a symbolic link from libXm.so.2 --> libXm.so.0 ?
> Hi.
> Well, of course you can make this link, but it won't work anyway :)
> Lesstif is _FAR_ from being drop-in replacement for Motif.
> The most you can do with Lesstif is try to recompile and link the code
> written for Motif _1.2_ (NOT 2.0) with Lesstif and see what happens.
> It works in some cases. These cases are usually packaged for Debian main
> distribution. If it doesn't work, then they packaged for Debian contrib
> (or non-free) part. In this case package usually called *-dmotif or
> *-smotif. If you have Motif 2.0 libraries installed on your machine,
> use -dmotif package (dynamically linked), -smotif otherwise.

For The GIMP, it would be easier to upgrade to the version in hamm of
course ;) It is based on Gtk, and independent from Motif.

Thank you,

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