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Dell latitude CP w/ an attitude

hello all...

got me one of those Dell latitude CP laptops. (apparently with an
attitude :)...

Tried to get it to boot Debian and after booting from the resc1440, I
press enter after the initial introduction the system starts to go
through the initial boot from the disk and then completely reboots the
machine. Hmmm...

	Any body out there running debian on a CP machine. I never had a laptop
before, (It was a machine given to me by my work, I didnt have a choice
of what I could have). Can I expect to get the ethernet on the dock
station (3com) or the pcmcia (3com also) card to work. What about that
mouse pad thing, or should I stick to the standard mouse. How about X -
it has a NeoMagic chip set (never heard of them myself...).

Hope I can get this running because the machine actually runs nt 4.0
pretty darn speedy. 166mhz, 4+gb disk, cdrom ... I would expect great
performance from a well tuned debian kernel...

thanks in advance for any info ...

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