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Debian vs. Caldera

Here is my opinion on the different dist. of Linux that I have used over
the years.

Caldera Standard:

Great if you never need technical support, modifiy your system, or want
any documentation that is acurate.  Since I do not know of anyone that
can say that, I would not recomend it.

Red Hat:

Good distrubution.  Installs easy, has good documentation, is really
useable from the first reboot.  It's update and packaging system is not
very good.  I have had a lot of trouble upgrading the system from
version to version.  Other then that, it works well.


Installs well, has very good doc's, and works well from the first
reboot.  It has no upgrade capability, and is difficult to get X to work
just the way you want it.


Installs well, has good doc's, and is very easy to modify.  The upgrade
system works very well with the utilities available.  I have upgraded
through mager versions with no problems.  The only problem is when you
get to the first reboot you hav quite a bit of configuration to do to
get a really usable system.  The upside of that is you have learned a
lot from the configuration and will have no trouble in the future

I hope this helps, I have been lucky in the fact that I have had the
opertunity to run different dist. side by side for quite a while.  That
gave me a chance to compare them well.  Of course, this is only my

Brian Schramm

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