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On Fri, 26 Dec 1997, Michael Stutz wrote:

> > Is a UPS good protection or is it "fluff"?
> It's well worth it. My UPS has saved my system at least four times in the
> past year.

Good stuff. I know no worse feeling than a powered-off-in-10ms Linux

> > like to find out which models have "intelligent" UPS features working 
> > with Linux, and which models ship with prefabricated RS-232 cables for 
> > Linux.
> I recommend Best Power's products (I use their "intelligent" Fortress model
> on my single-user sytem), see a recent copy of the UPS HOWTO. They are a
> little more expensive than, say, APC, but my impression is that the hardware
> is superior; better yet, they openly support GNU/Linux, and include the
> source to the accompanying software (which is easy to install). And a cable
> is included.

Yes, I strongly recommend AGAINST APC. I own one, it works but they keep
the interface secret, and they have minus one support. Of course if you
don't wanna have "smart" UPS (system load, voltage and freq measures,
thermometer etc...), it'll be just okay.

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