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Strange Behaviour with ALS100-based Sound Card Loaded as Module


I'm experiencing a strange problem with my ALS100-based SB16-compatible
PnP sound card: Although isapnp is detecting and configuring the card
correctly, and the sound module loads as expected (i.e. cat /proc/sndstat
reports the expected configuration), I can only play MIDI files right
after the boot. If I play WAV or AU files, I get a DMA timeout error.
It is only after rerunning isapnp that everything works as expected!

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

I'm running Debian 1.3.1, but with a "vanilla" 2.0.32 kernel. The Debian
box is an old 486-based VLB PC with no PnP support at BIOS level. 

Thanks in advance for any hint!


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