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Re: Networking Info?

On Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 04:30:53AM +0100, Peter Prohaska wrote:
> > Do you have the Net-3-HOWTO (some information) and the Nag (Network
> > Administration Guide). The second is from LDP and you can get it at sunsite.
> > 
> > Maybe we should package the LDP Books for Debian.
> Good idea !!!
> It´s really ineffective that everyone has to download them on his own.
> Especially for new users, they are a good point to start ( own experience
> :)

I will think about it (there will be a user book especially for debian, so I
will wait till I become a developer, and then look what books are up to date
and worth to package).

Thank you,

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."                         Debian GNU/Linux
Marcus Brinkmann                                      http://www.debian.org

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