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Re: dselect question

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:

>I wanted to use dselect because it could show me dependencies and
>suggestions, before it tried to install them.  I grabbed a few packages
>and it turned out they had some dependencies I did not expect.  So I had
>a half installed package left behind.  Thought dselect might have helped
>here.  Is there a way to find this out ahead of time?

I've done this, though as I'm not on my debian system, and it is a
little while since I've used dselect, so I may not be quite accurate.

Within "access methods", you select the main, contrib, non-free
sections. You can also select a local archive as well, and get dselect to
automatically generate a packages file for it. 

In case it makes a difference, I NFS mounted a debian mirror (local to
my university), and told dselect to use a mounted filesystem (ie I
didn't get dselect to do the NFS mounting for me). I then had a
directory (/root/debian-local I think) which contained various local
packages. I'm not sure whether this will work for the FTP access


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